First Post. Wooooooooo

I am desperately searching for a Graphic Design Internship for the Summer of 2014 in the Washington DC Area.  Is desperate the proper word to use? Why yes. Yes, it is. I am desperate. Next fall will be my last semester in school and I rally want to have experience in at least one professional place before I start to look for actual jobs. I know it could give me a leg up in the running. So, I AM DESPERATE.

If you are an employer here is my online portfolio:

If you are further interested my email is, or you can comment on this post or however it works.

Though this blog is not all about me being “desperate”. Haha. I want to record ideas, show artwork (because I am an also a fine artist), and more through this as well as actually LEARN WordPress. It doesn’t seem difficult but I rather learn it hands on, than putting up $130-150 dollars for a non-credit class when i could just teach myself.

I am funny. If i do say so myself. I am opinionated, I will defend my point of view, but I will also hear what the other person has to say as well. I like to be civil and keep communication lines open even after heated arguments or discussions. Life goes on after disagreements. Not really doing this to get a fan base, but not objecting it either.



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