365 Day Photo Challenge

I think I will challenge myself by doing this, even though I have a really old digital camera. Though this may work to my advantage. I really like the photos from 35mm film as well as older cameras, so maybe it’ll help me in achieving the look I want to have. It wont be as dull as those photos, but it definitely wont be as crisp and perfect as the photos produced now. I like the thought of trying to work with the photo after it comes out, I don’t want it to just be perfect as is. I want to help it try to become better. 

As I say that I think of the need for my Photoshop skills to be better with photos. I don’t know what exactly I would do to manipulate the photo. Maybe adjust the levels, curves, and exposure. Maybe do some stuff with the clone stamp tool, and who knows what else. But I want to challenge myself, as well as get myself ready for my Digital Photography class next fall semester. So I think this self-project will serve me well when picking subject matter, and picking a composition. 

Well, I’m hoping it will anyway! Here’s to the New Year!


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