365 Photo a Day Challenge: Day One

365 Photo a Day Challenge: Day One

I thought about aligning my photo challenges with my 365 Writing Prompt Challenge. It would still offer me a challenge, but also make it easier for me since I would be able to kill two birds with one stone.
So, this is what my New Year’s Eve consisted of last night.
I spent a night with my Kindle, listening to Kpop (mainly Topp Dogg), Beyonce as well as Panic at the Disco! (Eclectic music taste right?) on the New Years Eve special on tv as well as listening to the countdown.
Most of my time was spent reading the book, “The False Prince.” This book to me is a must read, I am filled with suspicion as well as anxiety for Sage (the main character) as I read this book. I think I did myself in when I halfway read some of the reviews for this book on Amazon before I bought it. I have more suspicion for him than I probably would have had if I had not read the reviews, but it’s okay. When I’m suspicious of something I tend to read books faster!

The False Prince, is the first in its trilogy! Check it out!


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