Topp Dogg


(music video at the bottom of the page)

I need some more Topp Dogg blogs (on Tumblr) to follow, I just watched both of their episodes yesterday and fell even MORE in love with them. They are all just extremely funny. Even P-Goon has his moments of adorable-ness, but him and Kidoh are the more relaxed of the group. Seeing as how it’s 13 of them in a group together I can respect the difference in personalities.

As for a bias I’m more confused than ever. I admire the fact the P-Goon is very blunt and like the complete opposite of everyone else. Like Hard.

But Bjoo & Xero are so adorable.

I LOVE the way that Jenessi raps more so than A-tom (but I still really like A-tom).

I LOVE NAKTA ! Such a goofball and very handsome.

Oh and Hansol!! Omgee he has the type of laughter that makes you think like “Yo somebody stop him from laughing” but it still makes you laugh.

Last but not least of my supposed bias list is Sangdo. He looks so hard but he’s so warm and thoughtful and UNPH! But he’s sponsoring a girl and he like knows everything about her and her aspirations in life it was so nice to see that. (Not to mention he produces those high vocals at the end of the Cigarette mv i believe) That voice is just plain amazing.

So my bias…
will never be able to be chose, it even switches between them with the others like Hojoon and Atom. Others like Yano Seogoong and Gohn are funny to watch but not in the line up even though I still like them.


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