Zero to Hero: Day 1

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

 What are you about? Why should they read your  blog?

Well, well, well, what am I about, eh? And why should you read my blog…

I am a CREATIVE. I would make that word synonymous with what I am about. Whether it be from, jumping to story to story with my fingers typing out who and how the characters out to the predicaments they’re in, to actually submersing myself into a well written story. This is how I can be creative. To drawing all day, to visually reading the the books I have on multiple artists and techniques. This is how I am a creative. Trying to perfect my craft in illustration and graphic design, by committing myself to different projects for people, or even committing myself to projects for myself. This is how I am creative. Pushing the envelope for my class projects and going the extra mile always, is how I am a creative.

I’m also pretty funny!

You may not necessarily want to read my blog, that is if you don’t like to be inspired. I wouldn’t say that you should read my blog, because I got on here for a personal journey. Though the friends/associates you make through a personal journey can sometimes make it more worthwhile.

Here I am open to talk about everything that passes through my mind throughout the day, although I won’t get too personal. I might talk about motherhood — being a 20-year-old mom, in school, maintaining a 4.0 GPA , and being a creative– things can get tough sometimes. I’ll make enough room here to vent, but not vent angrily. Even if I want to talk about my musical preference sometimes, I’ll do that too. My taste in music ranges from Beyonce, to Drake, to Block B, to Topp Dogg, to 2NE1 (apart of the Kpop world), to Paramore, to Lecrae (gospel rap). But it’ll probably only happen when I get bored.

Other than that I’m here to push myself mentally. Sometimes I can get stuck in one place for too long, because I believe that I need a break. To be honest, in the depths of my mind I’m tired of having these “breaks.” When you are constantly proactive and producing things that are of value, you feel better about what you are doing in your life. That is why I am doing this Zero to Hero challenge, the Writing Prompt challenge, and the 365 Photo challenge.

If I just so happen to successfully maintain my blog throughout the year, it’ll be my first time writing in a blog in a productive manner. So, I might just have to reward myself. lol.


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