365 Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 5

365 Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 5

This is where I spend my Sundays.

Gospel Truth Ministry, my home church.

Personal note: My dad is the pastor, so I guess that makes me a “preacher’s kid”
I wouldn’t say that I fell out of line with having a baby out of wedlock. Of course, having sex out of wedlock is a sin, but the baby is not. I was so happy that, this being a church somewhat comprised of my family, that no one shunned me or made me feel horrible about my decision.

Not even my dad hated or disliked me for it, he showed me an insurmountable level of love. I couldn’t have asked for a better Dad and Pastor..

I used Photoshop to project what our church would look like with text & graphics on the walls.


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