365 Writing Prompts, Day 5: Call Me Ishmael

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

“So begins Drault, the epic poem of Bammare’s greatest hero, our kingdom’s ideal.”

“Standing on the edge of a crowded road, I looked down onto the rolling fields and abandoned farms of the Tula Valley and got my first glimpse of the Shadow Fold.”


This was really hard for me to do because I don’t just have one favorite book. I think at this point I have a lot that I really like, and two that are tied for favorites. If I would have been asked this some years ago, I would have one definite answer. But ever since Leigh Bardugo came into my life with Shadow and Bone I’ve been confused haha. But the book that I would dare call the love of my life as a young girl, was The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine. (While after years of not reading it I realized she’s the author of Ella Enchanted)

I believe that if you have a young daughter (insecure or not) around the ages of 10-14, and they like/love to read, let them read this book. As a young girl this book inspired me, gave me courage, and raised my self-esteem, all because of Princess Addie. I have read this book about 10-15 times all the way through, thats how much I loved what the book did as it took me through her journey and showed her insecurities. At the end of the book she had grown leaps and bounds from who she was at first. 

As for Shadow and Bone, I would say the book is geared for people that are 16+. (Consists of mystery, suspense as well as romance). Shadow and Bone was writen so beautifully by Ms. Bardugo that you can’t help but envy her skills. The main character Alaina can be annoying from time to time because she’s so insecure and complains often. But as she describes what she looks like and how life has been for her you can’t help but feel sympatheic for the girl. I won’t delve too far into the story, but it’s a good book. If you like something that will keep you on the edge of the seat, take you through twists and turns without confusing you, this is the book for you.


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