365 Writing Prompts, Day 8: Teachers Pet

Tell us about a teacher who ha a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

Best Teacher? Easily a tie between two of my art teacher of four years, Ms. Wilson and Mr. B

She inspired me to become better through gentle teachings and a kind voice. While Mr. B contrasted her to the fullest extent, he would push you but through a mi of sarcasm and intellect with a firm father-like tone. It was like a Mom and Dad coaching you if you really wanted to receive their advice like I wanted to be open to their wisdom. Through Mr. B, i was placed in honorable mention in a museum exhibit and then a year after I won first place with his assistance. Along with Ms. Wilson giving me the opportunity to apply for the National Gallery of Art High School Seminar, I got in, and was elated from the opportunity. They both pushed me in so many ways, and I truly thank them for it. I still even listen to their advice today because it’s been ingrained into my head lol.

No need to speak of the worst teacher, but she did make me realize that no matter how pleasant you try to be towards people there is always someone who might not like you.


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