365 Writing Prompts: Take Two

Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people, or scenes.

This is really odd… I took a photo today downtown on my way to work. As I stepped inside I took another (well visual) picture of the water fountain that we have inside of our main building lobby. This morning in Washington DC it was so cloudy and it was drizzling, least to say it was very dreary and cold.
Similar to the day the inside of the lobby is always pretty chilly because of the water and always reflects the mood of the day because of the skylights all the way at the top of the building.

These scenes outdoors and indoors are always reflective of each other and that regard. Although you feel pretty good once you step inside the doors since it shields you from all of the rain! Lol


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