WOAH, A Nomination?!

1. When did you start your blog?

i think my archives go back to October when I was solely here for the purpose of learning and trying to brush up on HTML. Though I had absolutely no time to devote to it since I’m a mom and a full-time college student.

2. What made you do the Zero to Hero challenge?

I thought it seemed like interesting thing to do especially because it didn’t hold me to a year long standard like other challenges. As well as, I am starting out pretty fresh here on WordPress and thought it would be a fun challenge to do with other first timers.

3. Do you have any pets?

Yes! Only one, her name is Chrissy and she is a toy poodle. Unfortunately she is pretty sick and is in the last years of the toy poodle “life expectancy.” 

4. What is your favorite hobby?

Drawing and Painting of couuuuurse. Especially painting. I grew up on drawing with a pencil and used to find painting really hard, until I took some college credits in high school and had a really good painting teacher who taught me the ways. I am now a Jedi master of the paint.

5. What do you do most of the day?

Omg. Well uhm, draw. I have to draw for classes, I draw just because, I draw for projects (to get paid) and I also draw on the computer just because. I love it.

6. Do you believe in magic?

I actually don’t. I’m more of a faith person than a magic person.

7. If you could have another life, what would you be?

What would I be? There’s no limits on this?? Could I be a who? I would really, really, really like to be a slave. OR a person who was a part of the civil rights movement in any way. Yup. yup. I’m an African American girl who wants to go back to perilous times. I am CRAZY. But I read these experiences, and I feel their pain to an extent, but I can’t comprehend it to it’s fullest extent. I want to see exactly what my ancestors went through so I could be THAT much better for them and do them as well as myself justice as I live on Earth.

8. Why?

Oh. I wasn’t expecting this question, I was so hyped about about my first answer I didn’t look at the next question. I pretty much said why though. lol

9. How big is your immediate  family?

Hmm. My boyfriend, soon to be husband, (he counts right?), my daughter, my parents, my sister, and my two brothers. It’s not that large, but it’s built with a lot of conflicting personalities.

10. What do you like about writing?

That you can experience a whole other and different world through someone else’s writing, or personally take someone through the world you created in your own story. 


Nomination from http://kathyclempoetry.wordpress.com, thank you so much for nominating me even when i wasn’t posting daily! = )


3 thoughts on “WOAH, A Nomination?!

  1. Thank you Shonnihikari, I like your post very much. I read your previous posts and saw that your daughter had been sick. Was wondering how your daughter was doing? When you have a chance go to the main page http://kathyclempoetry.wordpress.com/about/news-the-liebster-award/ and say that you have started the process for the requirements for the Leibster Award nomination and link this page (your page). This will bring more readers to your blog. Then, continue with the steps needed to get the award, and you can do these in stages. I know that you have School and your daughter. Whenever you complete a stage come back to link again. More people will see your post this way. ♡😊

    • Okay! I’m on the mobile version of WordPress because I’m about to go into my job, but I’ll link my page and look at the next stages when I arrive back home. Thanks again love!
      Oh! And about my daughter she’s over her Nast stomach virus! But her previous cold has come back with a vengeance and there’s hardly anything we can do about it since it’s still so cold out!

  2. In regards to going back in time and being a slave. I agree with you, nobody knows the pain and suffering (and happiness) that people that came before us had because times were very different. We can only imagine from reading books, see in movies, etc. I wish I could have asked my grandparents to tell me their stories of their lives, because now I am really curious.

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