365 Writing Prompts: Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?


I would have to agree with this statement, it most times never ends well unless someone personally came to you searching for an answer. I have one major instance which validates my point. 

So on Facebook, there was this sarcastic newscaster who said something trying to discredit the Bible and God. So, of course, as always I stated something on my Facebook page about it. Justifying my beliefs in the Bible in God, and acknowledging that all sins are equal there are none “greater” in His sight. As well as something else about homosexuality, and how God doesn’t accept the sin, but he will always love the people.

Or at least something to that extent. And people who I knew from my old college, (like know their names but nothing else about them) felt the need to comment on my post and throw hissy fits at me for my beliefs. I wasn’t really asking for a discussion on the topic, but you don’t have to when you’re posting on the internet apparently. 

So they came at me stating that I was an “idiot” if I felt this way, and that I was misinformed. Then tried to bring Sodom and Gomorrah into the equation, which was stupid of them. This was during the time of God’s law, not the time period of His everlasting love, grace, and mercy. 

Two of us ended the conversation on a sour note, she was way too deep into her feelings, all while she was the one calling me names and insulting me while I never talked back down to her. I ended our conversation by saying a simple, “I respect your opinion, even though you never respected mine, and God still loves you.” Or something along the lines of a a response where, really, if you argued back with that you’re just crazy.

The other person I ended on a happy, note we ended with laughs and things because thats the type of person he seemed to be. 

It was entertaining, but it shows that you that if you don’t want the conversation don’t post stuff about your faith that could potentially offend someone. Although, if you’re like me, I will post facts and statements of my faith if I see fit, or talk about it if someone belittles it to defend it. I’m not a timid person in that regard, but I won’t let you bash on my God. 

Sorry not sorry.


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