Mickey and friends in human form are more charming than we had imagined! 【Pics】


Disney and their ever-expanding lineup of charismatic characters continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The biggest hit of the year is Frozen with its double princess lineup, but even though Elsa and Anna are tremendously popular, when we think of Disney, the first image that comes to mind is still that of a certain talking mouse and his chirpy giggle.

That’s right, Mickey Mouse! And his gang of talking animal friends, of course. Although Mickey and friends wear clothes and talk and sing and dance, they are still not quite as human as they sometimes seem. Have you ever imagined what Mickey and Donald would look like as humans? Personally, I haven’t; not until now. Check out these fabulous “humanized” Disney characters drawn by Japanese illustrator Chaico!

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Soon I’ll be starting a KickStarter campaign to get a stronger portfolio before I try to apply to jobs, or to use as examples when talking to a new client.

Stay tuned !


Poetic Licenses

His lips were like hot chocolate during first winter’s snow
Warm cocoa skin against caramel
What mysteries abound amongst the locs flowing from his head
Clearly the King has granted me a prince to co-rule my kingdom
The wisdom of Solomon in his prime gracefully passes from his mind to the swells of his lips
How soothing, the comfort of a man custom tailored to my soul
I fight to stay worthy of my Adonis
Constantly I work to build up my mind
Equality in intellectual pursuits and goals
My body is a temple, he is the solitary monk
He leaves offerings at the altar
Sweet kisses, subtle touches
And I, a student of the new school known as He
Sit at his feet taking in all he has to offer
Quite the willing pupil he finds me
And here after the teaching and preaching has ceased for the night

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365 Writing Prompts: Sweet Sixteen

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?


At 16 I think right now I imagined myself at MICA earning a degree in Environmental/Interior Design. Something that I thought I would love to do because of my enthusiasm of creating floor plans and houses out of cardboard when I was younger. I just assumed that this was the career path for me because of previous interests.

However, because I had my daughter I had to relocate for schools, I never ended up at MICA, but still at a art college. I now attend a community college but still doing something in the field of art. Although Graphic Design is totally different from Interior Design I actually think this was a better fit for me. This career choice will allow me to have fun and create lots of different things. I think it’s way more hands on and possibilities are endless similar to just regularly creating art. Which I find liberating and exciting. 

Even though all the change I had to go through was sudden, as well as humbling. But I really do believe that this was the right direction for me instead of the latter. 

365 Writing Prompts: Toot Your Horn

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.


Well, I suppose I could say my determination/willpower. I find that a very good characteristic for myself or anyone to have. It helps you through different facets of your life, whether it is to overcome something or just give yourself some slight encouragement to keep doing a great job.

365 Writing Prompts: Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?


I would have to agree with this statement, it most times never ends well unless someone personally came to you searching for an answer. I have one major instance which validates my point. 

So on Facebook, there was this sarcastic newscaster who said something trying to discredit the Bible and God. So, of course, as always I stated something on my Facebook page about it. Justifying my beliefs in the Bible in God, and acknowledging that all sins are equal there are none “greater” in His sight. As well as something else about homosexuality, and how God doesn’t accept the sin, but he will always love the people.

Or at least something to that extent. And people who I knew from my old college, (like know their names but nothing else about them) felt the need to comment on my post and throw hissy fits at me for my beliefs. I wasn’t really asking for a discussion on the topic, but you don’t have to when you’re posting on the internet apparently. 

So they came at me stating that I was an “idiot” if I felt this way, and that I was misinformed. Then tried to bring Sodom and Gomorrah into the equation, which was stupid of them. This was during the time of God’s law, not the time period of His everlasting love, grace, and mercy. 

Two of us ended the conversation on a sour note, she was way too deep into her feelings, all while she was the one calling me names and insulting me while I never talked back down to her. I ended our conversation by saying a simple, “I respect your opinion, even though you never respected mine, and God still loves you.” Or something along the lines of a a response where, really, if you argued back with that you’re just crazy.

The other person I ended on a happy, note we ended with laughs and things because thats the type of person he seemed to be. 

It was entertaining, but it shows that you that if you don’t want the conversation don’t post stuff about your faith that could potentially offend someone. Although, if you’re like me, I will post facts and statements of my faith if I see fit, or talk about it if someone belittles it to defend it. I’m not a timid person in that regard, but I won’t let you bash on my God. 

Sorry not sorry.

WOAH, A Nomination?!

1. When did you start your blog?

i think my archives go back to October when I was solely here for the purpose of learning and trying to brush up on HTML. Though I had absolutely no time to devote to it since I’m a mom and a full-time college student.

2. What made you do the Zero to Hero challenge?

I thought it seemed like interesting thing to do especially because it didn’t hold me to a year long standard like other challenges. As well as, I am starting out pretty fresh here on WordPress and thought it would be a fun challenge to do with other first timers.

3. Do you have any pets?

Yes! Only one, her name is Chrissy and she is a toy poodle. Unfortunately she is pretty sick and is in the last years of the toy poodle “life expectancy.” 

4. What is your favorite hobby?

Drawing and Painting of couuuuurse. Especially painting. I grew up on drawing with a pencil and used to find painting really hard, until I took some college credits in high school and had a really good painting teacher who taught me the ways. I am now a Jedi master of the paint.

5. What do you do most of the day?

Omg. Well uhm, draw. I have to draw for classes, I draw just because, I draw for projects (to get paid) and I also draw on the computer just because. I love it.

6. Do you believe in magic?

I actually don’t. I’m more of a faith person than a magic person.

7. If you could have another life, what would you be?

What would I be? There’s no limits on this?? Could I be a who? I would really, really, really like to be a slave. OR a person who was a part of the civil rights movement in any way. Yup. yup. I’m an African American girl who wants to go back to perilous times. I am CRAZY. But I read these experiences, and I feel their pain to an extent, but I can’t comprehend it to it’s fullest extent. I want to see exactly what my ancestors went through so I could be THAT much better for them and do them as well as myself justice as I live on Earth.

8. Why?

Oh. I wasn’t expecting this question, I was so hyped about about my first answer I didn’t look at the next question. I pretty much said why though. lol

9. How big is your immediate  family?

Hmm. My boyfriend, soon to be husband, (he counts right?), my daughter, my parents, my sister, and my two brothers. It’s not that large, but it’s built with a lot of conflicting personalities.

10. What do you like about writing?

That you can experience a whole other and different world through someone else’s writing, or personally take someone through the world you created in your own story. 


Nomination from http://kathyclempoetry.wordpress.com, thank you so much for nominating me even when i wasn’t posting daily! = )

365 Writing Prompts: Ripped from the Headlines

Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on that article.


So I was just walking down the street, I had just parked my car in my garage, and was walking to my best friend’s house in the Beverly Hills area. As I walking, I happened to see “Kimye”, so you know I immediately took my phone out and a snapped a couple pictures. I kept it classy, not to catch their attention or anything. We all know how Kanye is about cameras, he tries to punch everyone in sight because he feels like it’s an invasion of privacy or something. Whatever. Anyway, today was a different day for Kanye, one that people actually might respect him for I would even dare to say. I walked slower because I didn’t want to be one of “those people” and speed walk around them, so I kept my distance. All of a sudden, a white guy on the other side of the street yells, “Just like a nigger to be with a hoe like that!”

That was all that he needed to say. Kanye immediately rushed over to him after hearing him spout harmful and also racial slurs and punched him across the jaw. Kim screamed at him to stop, when we noticed that the guy was sprawled across the sidewalk. She turned to me, and actually spoke, “He deserved it.” I nodded. It was all I could do, I actually did think he deserved it being African American myself. I just knew that it would eventually come back to haunt Kanye like everything does. Two days later I saw the article on TMZ, stating the guy was 18 years old. He was a little young, but still legal.

Yes we have “freedom of speech” in America. Although, people do need to realize that freedom of speech can result in consequences you can do nothing about if you say disrespectful things to people.