Yonce’ all on his mouth like liquor.


Urban-hip hop- Look

the Tupac shirt and the maxi skirt, would pair so well together. Definitely looking out that combo and others similar to it.

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Fashion Killa Shoes

Fashion Killa Shoes

These shoes would look FIERCE with any outfit. Shorts and Knee highs, skinny jeans and a crop top, or a high-low dress! The platform will most likely stay as the IN look for the next upcoming seasons. I own two pairs, but I aim to get more in my closet!


My finals are almost over which means I can start back in my endeavors to use and learn this site more. As a requirement for some internships they want you to be experienced or have knowledge in WordPress.

I haven’t learned much about this site as you can see, but I don’t see a major difference between this and Tumblr really. Time will only tell.